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The technical textiles and nonwovens industry, which became the most important market of today, will gather at HIGHTEX 2012 Exhibition to be organized in Istanbul on 21-24 April 2012. Turkey developing itself rapidly in the field of technical textiles and nonwovens will host the world's leading trademarks at HIGHTEX 2012.

The 4th HIGHTEX 2012 Istanbul Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Exhibition organized by Teknik Fuarcilik will be held at Beylikduzu Tuyap Fair and Congress Center on 21-24 April 2012. At HIGHTEX 2012 Exhibition being the first and sole exhibition in its field in Turkey; technical textiles raw materials, semi and finished prod­ucts, and production technologies will be displayed. HIGHTEX 2012 Exhibition being the largest technical textiles and nonwovens meeting in Middle East and East Europe will be held simultaneously with ITM Texpo Eurasia 2012 and Istanbul Yarn Exhibition. In Turkey, where the textile industry recovered and investments increase after the end of the global economic crisis, in the recent years many important investments have been realized especially in the field of technical textiles and nonwovens. Turkish companies, which became important semi product and finished product exporters in the whole world, are among the largest buyers of technological investments. In line with these develop­ments, it is expected that HIGHTEX 2012 Exhibition shall be an important platform to host investments in the world's fastest growing technical textiles and non-wovens market and shall provide new opportunities.

Turkey's developing market: Technical textiles
In Turkey, being one of the most important centers of world textile industry, technical textiles market started to develop in the recent years thanks to the develop­ment of high value added products. The producer companies, which started their activities with simple products in 1970s, now export tones of technical textile raw material or end products to the world. Espe­cially Meltblown, Spunbond, Spunlace, Thermobond, Waterlaid technologies are preferred in Turkey. Techni­cal textile producer companies produce raw material or intermediate products used by all the sectors, mainly construction, readymade clothing, geotextiles, home textiles, cleaning/cosmetics/hygiene, automotive, packaging, food industries. Since the producer com­panies operating in Turkish market have just discovered technical textiles market, they define themselves as
a part of the sector they serve. Being pleased with the global demands for their products, the producers continuously make technological investments in order to renew their technologies and increase their capaci­ties. Also new countries start to operate in the sector. Aiming to start smart textile production as well, Turkish producers receive attention with the R&D and P&D investments they have increased recently. Also the products marketed by most of the end prod­uct producer companies under their own brand receive worldwide interest. There are hundreds of companies operating in this field in Turkey.

Production capacities of Technical Textiles in Turkey
The approximate production amounts of intermediate and end products in Turkey, according to their sectors are:

  • Annual productloncapacityofagrotextlles; 1 million tons.
  • Annual production capacity of construction textiles, 1.8 million tons.
  • Annual production capacity of ready made clothing textiles, 1.1 million tons.
  • Annual production capacity of geotextlles, 800 thou­sand tons.
  • Annual production capacity of home textiles, 2.9 mil­lion tons.
  • Annual production capacity of Industrial textiles, 2.3 million tons.
  • Annual production capacity of textiles used In clean­ing/cosmetics/hygiene sectors, 1.9 million tons.
  • Annual production capacity of automotive textiles, 2.5 million tons.
  • Annual production capacity of packaging textiles, 750 thousand tones.
  • Annual production capacity of protective textiles, 300 thousand tones.
  • Annual production capacity of sports textiles, 420 thousand tones.
  • Annual production capacity of food textiles, 725 thousand tones.

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